CBS/FLJC | Chesed

Chesed – Members Caring for Members

Chesed is the Hebrew word for kindness! ❤️

CBS/FLJC/‘s Chesed Committee focuses on Acts of Loving Kindness such as meals, transportation, calls, and personal visits. Our goal is to acknowledge the joyful moments in our lives, comfort the bereaved in meaningful ways, and provide support to our congregation. Each situation is personal and unique therefore we operate under the guidance and confidentiality of our clergy.
Currently, the Chesed committee offers services in the following areas:

Health & Healing

  • Visits and/or calls before or after hospitalization
  • Help with transportation to medical appointments

Family Support & Newborns

  • Meals for the family
  • Visits and/or calls from other moms

Mourner’s Support

  • Meals for the family in mourning
  • Shiva support

In times of stress or uncertainty, the Chesed volunteers are here to support you. Just let us know if you could use a hand by calling the office at 201-796-5040 or by emailing