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Share. Celebrate. Support.

In this community, we recognize that each stage of life holds sacred moments. We share our lives with one another, celebrate the joys of life together, and support one another during loss and hardship.

Our Rabbi and community will guide you through every stage of life including with integrity and meaning. We are available to celebrate with you, give you our presence in difficult times and in illness, and to provide support when you face loss. Even when there is not a milestone to focus on, our Rabbi is available to provide presence and support for the community. Contact us

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Bris & Baby Naming

Are you welcoming a new life into your family? Our rabbi looks forward to welcoming our youngest Temple members into the community. Contact the Rabbi for help:

  • Choosing Hebrew names.
  • Planning a ​Brit Milah (or Bris) on the 8th day. This may include recommending a mohel (one who performs Jewish ritual circumcisions), participating in the ceremony, and answering any questions or concerns about the ceremony.
  • Officiating a Baby Naming ceremony.

It’s a boy!
A brit milah (“covenant of circumcision”) takes place on the eighth day after birth. A brit milah is an affirmation of the covenant that our ancestor Avraham made with God, marking that this child and his parents are part of this continuous relationship between God and the Jewish people. A brit milah may take place in your home or at the synagogue. Please contact the office to discuss these options further.

It’s a girl!
Called a simchat bat (“rejoicing in the daughter”), a baby naming for a girl can take on the form and timing that’s best for the family. Suggested choices include celebrating on the 8th day after birth, on the first Torah reading day or Shabbat after birth, or after the first month of life. Talk with our rabbi and staff to determine the details.

B’nai Mitzvah

We recognize that each child travels their own path to becoming Bar/Bat Mitzvah. When your child is called to the Torah as a Jewish adult, they are a full member of our community. The Congregation B’nai Sholom/Fair Lawn Jewish Center is committed to guiding you and your family through this journey and working with you to make sure the process is meaningful and stress-free.

Throughout elementary school, your child will learn about the siddur (“order of prayers”) – the prayer book – and work on Hebrew decoding and reading. At the end of third grade, they will receive their personal siddur – this is the book they will practice with and eventually use to lead services on the day of their Bar/Bat Mitzvah! In fifth grade, your child will receive their Bar/Bat Mitzvah date and parsha (“Torah portion”).

Approximately 12 months prior to your child’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebration, your child will begin the preparation for their participation in the Shabbat service. Over the course of this year, your child will meet with educators and/or our rabbi on a weekly basis. The purpose of these visits is to study the Shabbat service and to learn to chant their Torah and Haftarah.

Death & Mourning

When you are facing death or mourning a loved one, you need a community to provide support. The Congregation B’nai Sholom/Fair Lawn Jewish Center family is here to provide comfort as well as to provide a leader for a Shiva Minyan.

The Congregation B’nai Sholom/Fair Lawn Jewish Center Rabbis and staff are always available to speak with you and your families during this difficult time.

Memorial Board

Our Memorial Board pays tribute to our friends and family who have passed. The Memorial is situated by the entrance to the Sanctuary and can be accessed online.

View Memorial Plaque

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Please contact our Executive Director, to find out more about purchasing a plaque on our Interactive Memorial board.